Dorphanage: Without a trace

History happens as the winds of time blow by to blow it away. Lives are lived and lives are lost. Depending on one’s position and impact, significance and value are attached accordingly. The concern becomes a question of what stories are told; how they are told; and who is doing the telling – all apropos of our political, economical and social lives. Documentation and coverage from the fields of art, music, poetry, media, film, literature and sociology are vital discussion points.

“Without a trace?” seeks to interrogate the place of the common mwananchi, working class, street families, PEV victims, and the place of artists and creatives in the position of influencing policy, the position of their social commentary and how it is treated, captured and documented and the value attached to it.

The showcase will incorporate art photography from German Photographer Daniel KoƟmann.

Advance tickets: Kes 500
For more details/tickets contact +254 720 785 173